Molecular Neurobiology Group

We study how neurons and glia come together to create networks that underly our physiology and behavior to better understand pathophysiologies, behavioral disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Current Research Projects

Functional mapping of central noradrenergic neurons in the control of breathing

Several respiratory pathophysiologies including SIDS, Rett syndrome, and CCHS feature both disordered breathing and are associated with brainstem noradrenergic system (NA) abnormalities.

Screening for genes and pre-natal exposures in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome claims the lives of as many as 14 infants each day in the United States alone. SIDS is typically defined as the death of an otherwise healthy infant, which leave few clues to understand how this devastating disease may occur.

COVID-19 and the effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection on the nervous system

The current pandemic has revealed a multitude neurological sequelae in both the acute phase of infection and long lasting after the infection has cleared (Long COVID). It remains unclear whether these effects are the result of direct nervous system infection or stem from indirect inflammatory effects, neuro-vascular damage, or PAMPS/DAMPS (Pathogen associated molecular patterns or Damage associated molecular patterns) crossing the blood brain barrier.

Ray Lab Blog

Ray Lab Attends Experimental Biology 2022

The Molecular Neurobiology Group (find us at @MolecularNeuro on Twitter) killed it at Experimental Biology 2022! The last Experimental Biology was a special one. Savannah, Chris, Yuan, and Dipak had a great time. Highlights included three outstanding posters by Chris, Savannah, and Yuan, Trainee breakfast flash talk by Savannah, and a great Featured Topic Seminar co-chaired by Savannah. Almost equally important was the food! Cheesesteaks, Roast Pork, Scrapple, and Pretzels to name a few. Tied everything off with a great…

Dr. Ray Presents at the COBAD Seminar Series

It was a pleasure and honor to present with Dr. Blessing for our shared vision for a SIDS/SUID/SUDC Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine. Great feedback and enthusiasm from the CoBAD community!

Another work hard play hard Friday

Enjoying burgers at the aptly named “The Burger Joint” after a week where nothing blew up in our faces. But there’s always next week!

Welcome John Le As Our New Lab Manager

As the lab continues to grow, we’re grateful to have John coming on board to help keep the train on the tracks and our research programs moving forward! His expertise in mouse EEG implants and recordings will also be a great addition to lab as we expand our work into the interface of breathing control, state, and emotional regulation.

New Lab Publication

It’s official! Our intersectional genetic mouse engineering paper is finally out at BMC biology! All reagents and mouse lines described in the paper are freely available through Addgene and the MMRRC repository.

Lab Taco Tuesday… on a Friday!

Enjoying velvet tacos in Rice Village after a great, productive week in the lab.